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Here at Jennings of Springdale Road in Raheny, the funeral team rise quickly to every challenge of Public Health when it comes to funeral arrangements. With great compliance (and your health & safety to the fore) we work well within every single government guideline. The funeral team remains fully committed to public service, togetherness in our collective endeavours to suppress the virus.But at Springdale Road, Jennings are also deeply mindful of bereavement, loss and what families need from us during these extraordinary times. 

Here are some of the ways Jennings of Springdale Road can help you – and so far this has brought much reassurance to families. 

  •  The Funeral Directors Team at Jennings at Rahenywill talk you through the options you do have, while still staying within the safety limits.
  •  The nature of this pandemic means our Government, chief medical officers and NPHET often have to move at great speed to change the guidelines. 
  •  It’s all to keep us safe, but for a family in the midst of bereavement trauma, it can be so confusing! Let us worry about keeping well abreast of the latest developments! That’s our job here at Jennings of Springdale Road, to help take the stress from your already burdened shoulders.


Giving you a secure sense of safety from the moment you walk in the door:  At Jennings, your safety is paramount.  Our main Hand Sanitising Station is well located at the funeral home entrance. Sign-posted Covid-safety information is displayed in clear lettering. 


By now, the benefits of wearing masks in public spaces is well documented in our valiant fight against Covid 19. Your Jennings Funeral Director will always ensure to wear a mask or a face visor in your presence. We respectfully ask that you extend the same courtesy by wearing a mask at all times during a visit to Jennings, whether the family are making funeral arrangements for a dearly departed loved one, or attending a Reposal here in Springdale Road, Raheny. 

  • Bear in mind too that for families sadly suffering the tragedy of a Covid related bereavement, Jennings will work particularly hard to arrange a meaningful funeral within safe guidelines.  In Springdale Road, your Funeral Director will show the family how, at a later date, they can proceed to think about meaningful memorial services in the more hopeful days when we can gather again & warmly commemorate departed loved ones.
  •  Reposals: As you probably know from attending funerals before the pandemic, reposals and wakes in funeral homes & family homes have become widely popular as an alternative to the evening removal to the church before a funeral mass the next day.
  • Despite the Covid pandemic, Reposals in Jennings of Raheny are still possible for non-Covid related funerals.
  • We’ve witnessed your courage, families arranging funerals for loved ones, wanting to do the right thing & knowing that Covid means limiting funeral numbers; families already struggling with grief, and now asked to get their heads around ever changing demands of staying safe from Covid 19. 
  • Flexiblility is key to what we offer you here at Springdale Road – all our Jennings Funeral Directors are trained to move with grace and speed for every new NPHET guideline. Your Funeral Director will guide your through the options so that you can have a Reposal that is both meaningful, and safe. 
  • Here in Springdale Road we have Reposal Chapels refurbished to the highest standards with light coloured floors, elegant fixtures, high-tech options for music, film, and meaningful photography. 
  • But by the same token, if you need a slightly larger space, Jennings will help you choose one of our spacious reposing chapels, for example, Jennings of Oscar Traynor Road can accommodate great social distancing and well within guidelines. Your Funeral Director at Springdale Road Raheny  will set all that up for you if required.  

 At Jennings of Springdale Road, we are vigilant & deeply aware that this a particularly vulnerable time for families enduring bereavement.

It remains our privilege to help you along the difficult path.